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Where there are young people,

there is the time for Bingxue.

Bingxue is a chain brand of ice cream and tea drinks in China, affiliated to Jinan Baodao Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. It is a well-known Chinese tea drink chain brand focusing on "Signature Coconut and Ice Cream". The headquarters is located in Shandong Province, China. Bingxue covers stores in 31 provinces and cities including Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Hubei, Hainan, and Xinjiang.By the end of 2022, the number of Bingxue stores worldwide has exceeded 3,000

Bingxue takes "global origin procurement" as its product development concept. It always insists on the research and development direction of "good taste, good ingredients, and high appearance value." The birth of the BoBo Bear IP has brought more vitality and fun to the brand, winning the hearts of young consumers.

Global employees
Global stores exceed

Joining Franchise Conditions

Passionate in beverage industry and agree with the brand management philosophy

Franchisees personally manages the store and obeys the company's unified management

Store Profits

Product gross profit is about 60%

Fast breakeven period

Survival rate over 90%

Franchise Services

Free design store drawings

Provide comprehensive store operation training

Abundant marketing activities and promotion plans to boost store sales

Russia, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Timor-Leste (all Southeast Asian countries)

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News & Events

BINGXUE 0 Sugar Light Milk Tea Added to 9 Yuan Business Battle

The summer of 2024 is undoubtedly a dazzling chapter for BINGXUE. In July, with the grand opening of the Brand Month event, BINGXUE celebrated its glorious 10th anniversary with the theme of "Picking up Time, Unlimited Imagination". It is not only a review and tribute to the past decade's ups and downs, but also a prospect and departure for the infinite possibilities of the future.

BINGXUE Brand Month Ceremony, Celebrating Ten Years Together

​In the summer of 2024, the BINGXUE brand celebrated its brilliant tenth birthday. This is not only a summary and review of the past decade's hardships and progress, but also a new starting point for opening up infinite possibilities for the future. In July, with the grand opening of the Brand Month event, a celebration event with the theme of "Picking up Time, Unlimited Imagination" swept across, fully linking online and offline, weaving a feast for consumers about taste, vision, and emotion. On the occasion of Brand Month, the Full Score Light Milk Tea series made a brilliant debut, becoming an important bridge connecting the brand and consumers with its unique charm.

BINGXUE has full firepower and has entered new overseas markets

​In 2024, BINGXUE demonstrated its charm and strength on the stage of the global new tea beverage market. After winning awards at major exhibitions and receiving widespread praise both inside and outside the industry, the brand has once again made efforts and officially announced its entry into the global business center "Singapore". This is not only another milestone in the brand's internationalization process, but also a reaffirmation of the brand's own strength and quality.

BINGXUE signs contract with Singapore, expanding overseas market

Recently, BINGXUE successfully settled in Singapore, marking the brand's official entry into this vibrant international metropolis and opening its sixth country journey in the Southeast Asian market. This signing not only demonstrates the strength and charm of the BINGXUE brand, but also represents an important step in its internationalization strategy.

BINGXUE's overseas journey to lead the global tea beverage trend

​In today's increasingly frequent global economic integration and cultural exchanges, new tea drinks are crossing national borders with their unique charm, becoming a new link connecting consumers from different countries and regions. As a well-known chain brand in the domestic ice cream and tea beverage industry, BINGXUE has won wide acclaim not only in the domestic market but also rapidly risen in overseas markets with its excellent product quality, innovative brand concept, and forward-looking market layout, bringing brand charm to every corner of the world.

BINGXUE's Summer New Favorite, Peach Series Creates Sweet Vitality

​In the scorching summer, a carefully crafted drink can not only dispel the heat around you, but also awaken your taste buds' longing for a better life. In this era of pursuing quality and innovation in consumption, BINGXUE, as a tea beverage brand that always stands at the forefront of trends, ingeniously launched a new series of peach products in the hot summer of July - Explosive Peach Four Seasons Spring and Explosive Peach Ice and Ice Fun, redefining the freshness and comfort of summer drinks with the phrase "a full cup of real peach, the flesh can be chewed".

BINGXUE creates dreams with ingenuity and innovates the miracle of tea beverage brands

​On a scorching summer afternoon or under a warm winter sun, a carefully crafted cup of tea can always become a gentle companion to comfort the soul. Among numerous new tea beverage brands, BINGXUE stands out with its unique charm, not only winning market favor with its high-quality products, but also painting a beautiful picture of new tea beverages with its meticulous service and comprehensive marketing strategy.

BINGXUE Peach Adventure, Unlock Sweet and Fresh Journey

​In the scorching summer, BINGXUE's fresh fruit tea series has added a new member, redefining the infinite possibilities of summer drinks with sweetness and freshness. On July 3rd, BINGXUE's new peach product was officially launched to consumers, becoming a refreshing coolness this summer with its unique taste and creativity. The brand has won widespread praise and love from consumers with its sincerity and surprise in filling the cup.

BINGXUE - A New Cross Border Tea Beverage Brand

​Driven by the wave of globalization, the consumer market is upgrading at an unprecedented speed, and consumers' tastes are becoming increasingly diverse, which brings unprecedented development opportunities for the new tea beverage industry. In this vibrant blue ocean, BINGXUE is writing its own multinational legend with its unique charm.

BINGXUE's overseas journey and global taste buds journey

​Under the wave of globalization, Chinese tea culture is taking an unprecedented step onto the world stage. BINGXUE, with its unique brand charm and profound cultural heritage, is setting sail in overseas markets, showcasing the infinite charm of Chinese tea to the world.