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Where there are young people,

there is the time for Bingxue.

Bingxue is a chain brand of ice cream and tea drinks in China, affiliated to Jinan Baodao Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. It is a well-known Chinese tea drink chain brand focusing on "Signature Coconut and Ice Cream". The headquarters is located in Shandong Province, China. Bingxue covers stores in 31 provinces and cities including Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Hubei, Hainan, and Xinjiang.By the end of 2022, the number of Bingxue stores worldwide has exceeded 3,000

Bingxue takes "global origin procurement" as its product development concept. It always insists on the research and development direction of "good taste, good ingredients, and high appearance value." The birth of the BoBo Bear IP has brought more vitality and fun to the brand, winning the hearts of young consumers.

Global employees
Global stores exceed

Joining Franchise Conditions

Passionate in beverage industry and agree with the brand management philosophy

Franchisees personally manages the store and obeys the company's unified management

Store Profits

Product gross profit is about 60%

Fast breakeven period

Survival rate over 90%

Franchise Services

Free design store drawings

Provide comprehensive store operation training

Abundant marketing activities and promotion plans to boost store sales

Russia, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Timor-Leste (all Southeast Asian countries)

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News & Events

BINGXUE participates in the Shanghai International Chain Franchise Exhibition, showcasing the new style of tea drinks

The 37th SFE Shanghai International Chain Franchise Exhibition will be grandly held from March 27th to 30th at the Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai. As a grand event in the international chain franchise industry, this exhibition has attracted many well-known brands and enterprises to participate. Among them, the new tea beverage brand BINGXUE will actively participate, showcasing the brand's unique characteristics with its unique product concept and highly attractive franchise support policies.

BINGXUE "Matcha Season" leads the spring taste buds feast

In the prime time of spring, BINGXUE has launched a new "Matcha Season" series of beverages, perfectly blending the scent of spring with the charm of Matcha, bringing consumers a unique journey of spring taste buds.

The New Tea Drinking Trend: A New Consumption Scene during the Spring Festival Holiday

With the development of the times, the new tea drinking culture is sweeping across major cities across the country in a new posture, becoming a fresh breeze in urban life. During the Spring Festival holiday, whether in bustling commercial districts or quiet alleys, the presence of new tea shops is becoming increasingly common. With their fashionable design, unique taste, and rich cultural connotations, they attract countless consumers to stop and taste. During this special period, new tea shops have not only become a popular choice for people's leisure gatherings, but also to some extent become a new business card for urban consumption.

BINGXUE's global expansion is accelerating, adding a new chapter to the Southeast Asian market

​With the steady development of the domestic market, BINGXUE has launched a new overseas market expansion strategy in 2023. After successfully establishing an overseas branch in Indonesia, the brand has successively established stores in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam in the past few months, and has been warmly welcomed by local consumers. In October 2023, BINGXUE successfully signed a contract with Cambodia, and in December of the same year, BINGXUE's Indonesian branch officially opened, adding another highlight to its global layout.

BINGXUE Quality Adherence and Market Strategy

In the fast-paced era, modern tea drinks, as a fast and delicious beverage, are increasingly favored by consumers. Among them, BINGXUE has become a leader in the new tea beverage market with its high-quality raw materials, complete supply chain, high-level services, and comprehensive marketing.

BINGXUE's Legendary Journey from Jinan to the Great Wall

In the new tea beverage industry, BINGXUE has embarked on a unique development path with its keen market perception and innovative spirit. BINGXUE started in Jinan, gradually moved to Shandong, and then expanded nationwide. The brand has signed contracts with over 3000 stores, becoming an indispensable force in the new tea beverage market.

Expanding 3000 stores in nine years, BINGXUE joins hands with entrepreneurial partners to usher in a new era of development

With nine years of unremitting efforts and continuous innovation, BINGXUE has grown from a local new tea beverage brand to a well-known national chain brand. Currently, it has more than 3000 stores in 31 provinces and cities across the country. Now, BINGXUE has taken a step towards internationalization, successfully entering the Southeast Asian market and further expanding its influence. At the same time, the overseas consulting volume has surged, demonstrating BINGXUE's potential in overseas markets. BINGXUE will win the love of many overseas consumers with its unique brand image and high-quality and low-priced products, and has become a shining star in the new tea beverage industry.

BINGXUE deeply penetrates overseas markets with excellent quality and brand charm

Since the establishment of BINGXUE, its expansion speed both domestically and internationally has been remarkable. Nowadays, BINGXUE has expanded to overseas markets in 2023 based on its 3000 stores in China, and has established an overseas branch in Indonesia. In the past few months, BINGXUE has successively established stores in three Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam, and has been warmly welcomed by local consumers, with considerable sales in its stores. Especially in Indonesia, the number of BINGXUE stores has grown rapidly and has now become a well-known new tea beverage brand in the local area.

BINGXUE's nine-year milestones have achieved brand glory and provided consumers with comprehensive services

As of 2023, BINGXUE has a history of nine years of development and has occupied a significant share in the competitive new tea beverage market.During these nine years, BINGXUE has closely followed the development of the new tea beverage market, bringing consumers many affordable and delicious drinks and winning the favor of many consumers.BINGXUE always insists on providing consumers with quality services, focusing on product quality and customer experience, from raw material procurement to store service to marketing promotion, reflecting the high level and professionalism of the brand.

BINGXUE entered the overseas market, fully demonstrating its brand charm

With the continuous upgrading of the global market's demand for new tea drinks, BINGXUE has achieved remarkable results in overseas markets recently.Since entering the Indonesian market at the beginning of this year, BINGXUE has won the love and support of consumers through in-depth understanding of local market demand and cultural background, with its forward-looking flexible market strategy, the spirit of dare to struggle and innovation, and high-quality product quality. It has quickly expanded its global market territory in a short period of time, and has opened multiple stores in Vietnam, Malaysia and other places.

BINGXUE landed in Indonesia, opening a Xintiandi of overseas market

Since BINGXUE entered the Indonesian market in early 2023 and successfully signed up Indonesian customers, in the next few months, BINGXUE will fully penetrate the Southeast Asian market and gradually settle in Malaysia, Vietnam and other places. The number of stores has exceeded 100, and the globalization map has been upgraded again.BINGXUE is confident in expanding overseas and will bring more delicious new tea drinks to overseas consumers.

BINGXUE expands overseas markets and spreads Chinese new tea culture

BINGXUE is a new tea chain brand that has been well received by consumers in China. It officially entered the Indonesian market in early 2023, opening a new chapter in the brand's global market expansion.Following the successful opening of its Indonesian stores, BINGXUE has successively entered the Vietnamese and Malaysian markets, receiving warm welcomes from local consumers. The sales volume of its stores has continued to set new records, and the number of stores has shown an alarming growth momentum. In just a few months, overseas stores have exceeded 100, with unlimited prospects. 图片1.jpg As a company committed to spreading the domestic new tea culture to global consumers, BINGXUE has made leaps and bounds in its overseas market expansion with steady steps. This also reflects the in-depth research and careful planning of the entire BINGXUE team for the overseas market.BINGXUE always adheres to the principle of consumer-centric, and has conducted sufficient research and analysis on the overseas market in the early stage to understand the needs and preferences of local consumers, and formulate reasonable operation strategies and marketing plans. This also enables BINGXUE to continuously upgrade and break through in just a few months, and make a name for itself in the Southeast Asian market. 图片2.jpg The global market expansion of BINGXUE is not only a simple business behavior, but also an important measure to promote China's new tea culture to the world.BINGXUE combines traditional Chinese tea culture with modern innovative elements, and is committed to bringing delicious and unique new tea experiences to consumers around the world.BINGXUE always focuses on product quality and constantly innovates. In the past few months, new products such as yogurt series, big barrel fresh fruit tea series, and regional limited new products have been launched, which greatly meet the needs of consumers for taste, win the trust and love of consumers, and also shape a good product reputation and brand image. In the process of entering the overseas market, BINGXUE conducted in-depth research on the current market situation. Due to some similarities between Southeast Asian and domestic tea culture, the brand can quickly adapt to the Southeast Asian market, grasp the local consumers' taste preferences, and according to the characteristics of the overseas market, develop new tea drinks that meet local characteristics and consumers' preferences.Deepening exchanges and integration with local tea culture is conducive to the brand creating new flavors, styles, and creative products.In the future, BINGXUE will continue to uphold the concept of innovative and high-quality products, inherit and develop the new tea culture, and firmly expand the global market, bringing more delicious products to consumers.