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Franchise Process
What training does the company provide?

The brand headquarters provides comprehensive training to franchisees, including theoretical training in store management, practical training in store operations, and theoretical and practical training in product preparation.

What cooperation models do you offer?

We currently have two cooperation models:
1.Single-store franchise: Open an individual franchise store of our brand.
2.Agent model: To become an agent, you must first become our franchisee. After that, you can apply to the headquarters to become a regional agent.  Regional agents are not charged any agency fees but must complete tasks assigned by the headquarters. Agents can enjoy franchise fee and material rebates.

How often does the store need to be renovated?

We generally require franchise stores to renovate every four years. After four years of operation, the store decoration becomes outdated and can affect the store's image and foot traffic.

What if we don't know how to operate online delivery?

Based on our experience in managing self-owned stores, the company will provide free operational guidance to franchise stores through market supervisors.

How many employess does a store usually need?

We will advise you to increase the number of People according to the increase of business
2000-4000 RMB/day 2-3 persons
4000-6000 RMB/day 4 persons
6000-8000 RMB/day 5 persons
8000-10.000 RMB/day 6 persons
More than 10.000 RMB/day 7 persons

What documents are required to open a store?

1.Certificate of business
PB 1(Restaurant Tax)

Service Support
Store Design and Decoration

The company provides free store design drawings, and franchisees are responsible for their own store renovations according to the construction requirements.

System Training

Headquarters' system training equips franchisees with the ability to operate the store, even without prior experience in the milk tea industry.

Store Marketing Activities

Bingxue has a complete marketing system. The headquarters will regularly plan marketing activities and distribute them to the stores to make the stores more competitive in the market.

Grand Opening Activities

The regional manager of the marketing department will plan the opening activities according to the progress and operation of the store, and the opening activities can quickly attract customers.

Quarterly Update

New products will be launched every quarter, and corresponding marketing plans will be formulated.

Promotional Activities

Bingxue develops an annual marketing plan to enhance brand influence and boost store sales.

Marketing Promotion

Bingxue is launched in multiple channels such as brand marketing, channel digitization, and user operations for effective promotion.

Regional Management

Each store has a regional market supervisor who promptly and effectively resolves any issues encountered during store operations.