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BINXI TIME announced its plan for overseas market expansion and officially opened its stores in Indonesia

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In recent years, new tea-based drinks have become more and more favored by young consumers, and the major new tea-based drink brands are constantly making innovations and expanding their markets. Recently, BINXI TIME announced that it has officially signed a contract with an Indonesian client to develop its business in Southeast Asia and expand its overseas market, a piece of news that has aroused the concerns and hot debates among consumers.

It is reported that BINXI TIME is a new tea-based drink brand with "innovation" as its main axis, featuring a wide range of products with unique tastes. In the domestic market, BINXI TIME already has won a large number of loyal consumers and a good reputation. In order to further expand its brand influence, BINXI TIME began to actively explore overseas markets. Indonesia, as one of the most promising markets in Southeast Asia, is strategically crucial for the introduction of the new tea-based drink brand. After a long time of market research and field investigation, BINXI TIME introduced its unique concept of new tea-based drinks and product culture into the Indonesian market, offering local consumers a richer and more diverse range of fresh fruit teas and a totally novel brand experience. Some consumers reported that they are very much looking forward to the further expansion of the new tea-based drinks brands in China into the international market, so that more foreigners can enjoy the different tastes and cultural experiences of the new tea-based drinks in China. Industry insiders also indicated that BINXI TIME's overseas market expansion will further advance the internationalization of the tea-based drink brands and promote the spread and development of China's new tea-based drinks in the international market.

In summary, BINXI TIME's overseas market expansion signifies the rise and development of the new tea-based drink brands in the international market, and also demonstrates the strength of BINXI TIME in the Chinese domestic market. BINXI TIME has energized the new tea-based drink market while keeping on innovating and expanding the brand. As a young, fashionable and innovative tea-based drink brand, BINXI TIME has been pursuing excellence in quality and unique taste, and has always centered on the needs of consumers to deliver better products and services to them. It is believed that in the future development, BINXI TIME will carry on the spirit of innovation and enterprising, bringing more surprises and touches to the new tea-based drink market.

The new tea-based drink brand is revitalized in foreign markets, which is not only a good start for the new tea-based drink industry to shift from domestic market to foreign market, but also an essential dimension for China to go global. BINXI TIME's overseas market expansion plan is being accelerated. Let's witness how the new tea-based drink brand will stand out and shine in the international market.