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BINXI TIME aims at the characteristic development path, driving the brand's rapid growth with innovation

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With the new tea-based drinks becoming saturated in the first and second tier cities, the market trends are also changing rapidly. Both top brands and middle brands have lowered their prices to enter the markets in lower-tier cities, resulting in fierce competition in the industry. In the face of the current situation, BINXI TIME has been steadily developing with its strong market influence, and driving its development with innovative ideas. BINXI TIME has been engaged in the new tea-based drink industry for 8 years, and has developed from a local brand in Shandong to a national brand, and then expanded its overseas market at the beginning of 2023. Behind the rapid growth, the strong spirit and strength support the brand to reach the hearts of consumers step by step.
From an online celebrity to an everlasting success, BINXI TIME depends on a diversified product mix. With a focus on meeting consumer demand for beverages, it has been constantly developing new products. With its affordable pricing strategy, BINXI TIME made a name for itself in the early days with an ice cream at 3 yuan. It is well known that BINXI TIME releases new products rapidly and offers a wide range of products. It has also developed peripheral products in recent years to satisfy consumers' various needs other than drinks. Importantly, more and more consumers are attracted to BINXI TIME, and the brand has become more and more influential.

Quality is the bottom line of BINXI TIME. At present, BINXI TIME has set up a number of warehousing centers across the country, and perfected the supply chain system to ensure the supply of raw materials to stores in remote areas. Given this, the transportation of all raw materials can be traced, and the operation of raw materials can be made more specialized and refined. BINXI TIME's stores follow a strict hygiene inspection system and a drink counter management system, so that consumers can view the entire process, from the processing of raw materials to the production of finished products.

BINXI TIME has opened a number of themed stores, and its style is popular among young consumers. In the early days, BINXI TIME became known for its small stores, but after years of development, it has now opened more than 3,000 stores. More than brand expansion, BINXI TIME places more emphasis on the service environment of the stores and the user's experience in the stores. As a result, BINXI TIME's comfortable store design allows consumers to perceive the brand's vitality while purchasing drinks, deepening their impression of the brand and maximizing its traffic attraction effect.

BINXI TIME purchases raw materials from all over the world and develops new products in response to consumer demand for seasonal fruits and other value attributes. Fast release of new products, low price and good taste have become the popular labels of BINXI TIME. A powerful supply chain system safeguards the transportation of fresh ingredients, enabling consumers to consume high-end ingredients from around the world at any time. BINXI TIME has gradually matured, and will continue to strive for excellence and drive its rapid growth through innovation in the future.