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BINXI TIME expands its overseas market by making a move into Indonesia

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The new tea-based drink market went into a stage of high-speed development after 2015, and after 8 years, the market tends to be saturated gradually, and the domestic market is seriously competitive. Therefore, laying out the overseas market has become an innovative path for many new tea-based drink brands. As a member of the new tea-based drink industry, BINXI TIME has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. After expanding its business in Northeast China and South China, BINXI TIME has successfully signed a contract with a client in Indonesia, marking the first step in opening up the overseas market.

With a population of more than 600 million, Southeast Asia is one of the most densely populated regions in the world. Located in the tropics, local consumers have a high demand for beverages, and people in some regions have similar tea-drinking habits to those in China. Consumers are more receptive to new tea-based drinks brands from China. After the lifting of the restrictions on the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism industry in China and even the world has gradually recovered, and Southeast Asia has seen a noticeable rise in consumption, which has attracted a lot of Chinese brands to move into the market.

It has become an option for many brands to go global in the face of the competitive market situation in China and the vast market abroad. BINXI TIME has signed a contract with an Indonesian client to open up the Southeast Asian market for the first time, and has discovered a new growth curve. Going overseas is a bold endeavor for BINXI TIME, accompanied by many challenges. The preparatory activities for the opening of the Indonesia store were almost completed. In the future, BINXI TIME will surely gain a firm foothold and capture new opportunities in overseas markets.

Since its inception, BINXI TIME has harvested many young consumers with its low-priced, high-quality drinks. After years of development from Shandong to the national market, BINXI TIME has built a series of industrial chains of self-developed products, store operations, warehousing and logistics. In this initiative into the overseas market, BINXI TIME will continue its cost-effective strategy, improve its overseas supply chain system, and secure a high-quality service system to attract the attention of more franchisees. It will move one step closer to fully opening up the Southeast Asian market.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions lifted, Chinese enterprises have taken initial steps to go overseas, and it has been a general trend for new tea-based drink brands to develop their business overseas. Nowadays, the new tea-based drink market is still being explored and innovated, allowing many people to observe the tenacious vitality and creativity of the new tea-based drink brands. It is inevitable that there will be new challenges on the road of new tea-based drink brands, but from the necessity of the development of the industry, it is a must for new tea-based drink companies to grow. BINXI TIME is bound to move forward from a product-oriented, standardized and industrialized approach to global expansion.