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BINGXUE participates in the Shanghai International Chain Franchise Exhibition, showcasing the new style of tea drinks

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The 37th SFE Shanghai International Chain Franchise Exhibition will be grandly held from March 27th to 30th at the Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai. As a grand event in the international chain franchise industry, this exhibition has attracted many well-known brands and enterprises to participate. Among them, the new tea beverage brand BINGXUE will actively participate, showcasing the brand's unique characteristics with its unique product concept and highly attractive franchise support policies.


Nowadays, there are more and more players in the new tea beverage industry, and BINGXUE has built an exclusive path in the ranks of affordable new tea drinks with nearly a decade of industry experience. With excellent products and quality, it has won the love of consumers nationwide, signed contracts with more than 3000 stores nationwide, and successfully opened the brand's overseas station in 2022. At this exhibition, BINGXUE will showcase its unique charm to guests by showcasing its achievements over the past decade. A prominent brand display area, IP image dolls, and delicious drinks for everyone to taste. Visitors can experience the charm of BINGXUE up close, and personally experience the production of products and the quality of raw materials. In addition, BINGXUE will also provide more entrepreneurial opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to work hard in their careers. The brand will bring highly attractive franchise support policies, and BINGXUE hopes to attract more entrepreneurs who are interested in entering the tea beverage industry to join through this exhibition, and jointly create a more brilliant future.

In today's increasingly competitive tea beverage market, BINGXUE always adheres to its brand philosophy and development strategy, constantly innovating and bringing higher quality products and services to consumers. BINGXUE is well aware that in order to establish a foothold in the tea beverage market, it must have its own characteristics and core competitiveness. Therefore, the brand strictly controls product development, raw material procurement, and production processes, striving to bring innovative drinks to consumers. At the same time, BINGXUE will also pay attention to market dynamics and changes in consumer demand, flexibly adjust business strategies to adapt to the constantly changing market environment. The brand will continue to strengthen close cooperation with suppliers and partners to jointly promote innovation and development in the tea beverage industry.