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BINGXUE "Matcha Season" leads the spring taste buds feast

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In the prime time of spring, BINGXUE has launched a new "Matcha Season" series of beverages, perfectly blending the scent of spring with the charm of Matcha, bringing consumers a unique journey of spring taste buds.

There are three new types of Matcha series drinks launched this time, namely Matcha Red Bean Milk Green, Matcha Ice and Ice Le, and Matcha Ice and Ice Le (Light Edition). Every beverage is BINGXUE's pursuit of quality and continuous experimentation with innovation. In addition to the delicious drinks themselves, BINGXUE has also designed a unique postcard style cup cover for this matcha series of products. These cup covers are designed with the Boboxiong IP as the design element, combined with poetry related to spring, and presented in a lively and hand drawn illustration form. The most unique feature is that these postcard style cup covers have handwritten parts, on which consumers can write their blessings and emotions, and send this beautiful spring to the most important people. This design not only increases the fun and interactivity of beverages, but also allows consumers to enjoy delicious food while achieving emotional transmission.ceea2588-3383-4162-b58d-7a60004a533e(1).jpg

BINGXUE's authentic matcha has been selling well for seven years, during which the brand has always adhered to its commitment to product quality and the pursuit of innovation. It is precisely this persistence and persistence that has made BINGXUE's matcha drinks stand out in the market, winning the love and trust of consumers. Nowadays, with the launch of the "Matcha Season" series of beverages, BINGXUE has once again demonstrated its innovative strength and brand charm in the beverage industry. These new products not only meet the needs of consumers for taste and quality, but also resonate deeply with consumers on cultural and emotional levels, experiencing the wonderful encounter between matcha and spring, and savoring the feast of taste buds.

Looking ahead to the future, BINGXUE will continue to uphold the concept of "innovation and quality", continuously launch more delicious beverage products to meet the diversified needs of consumers. At the same time, brands will actively explore more marketing methods and interactive forms, and establish closer connections and interactions with consumers. With the hot sales of new product series, BINGXUE will continuously listen to the voices of consumers, collect market feedback, and continuously optimize products to ensure that every beverage can meet the taste needs of consumers.