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Ice and Snow Time's Overseas Journey and Global Taste Tour

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In the wave of globalization, Chinese tea culture is entering the world stage with an unprecedented posture. With its unique brand charm and profound cultural heritage, Ice and Snow Time sets sail in overseas markets, showcasing the infinite charm of Chinese tea to the world.

In overseas markets, Ice and Snow Time insists on quality as the king, ensuring that every cup of tea presents the best taste and quality. At the same time, Ice and Snow Time also emphasizes the integration with local culture, by introducing local ingredients and elements, creating tea drinks with regional characteristics to meet the taste needs of consumers from different countries and regions. Ice and Snow Time understands that in order to establish a foothold in overseas markets and win consumer recognition, it is necessary to make the taste of Chinese tea globally expressed. For this, Ice and Snow Time has carefully planned and laid out.


In terms of product development, Ice and Snow Time focuses on combining the essence of beverages with the taste preferences of modern consumers, and has launched a series of products with rich taste and unique flavor. These products not only have the mellow taste of traditional Chinese tea drinks, but also incorporate elements and flavors that modern consumers love, making the exclusive taste of Ice and Snow Time a brand new interpretation in overseas markets.

In terms of store operation, Ice and Snow Time focuses on interaction and communication with local communities and consumers. By collecting consumer suggestions and engaging in online interactions, we aim to bridge the gap between brands and consumers. Ice and Snow Time allows local consumers to better understand and experience new Chinese tea products, while also gaining more loyal fans and word-of-mouth for the brand.

In terms of expanding overseas markets, Ice and Snow Time has demonstrated a strong global perspective and strategic vision. In the Southeast Asian market, Ice and Snow Time quickly opened up the market and won the love of consumers with its successful experience and brand reputation in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. At the same time, Ice and Snow Time actively cooperates with local enterprises and institutions to jointly promote the dissemination and development of new tea culture in Southeast Asia.

As a shining star in China's new tea beverage industry, Ice and Snow Time has won widespread recognition and praise in overseas markets with its profound brand strength and foresight. In the future, Ice and Snow Time will continue to adhere to the brand concept of bringing consumers delicious and affordable products, constantly exploring and innovating products and consumer experience methods, and bringing more unique and delicious new tea drinks to global consumers. At the same time, Ice and Snow Time will continue to actively expand its overseas market, allowing the taste and culture of Chinese tea to be more widely spread and developed globally.