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Expanding 3000 stores in nine years, BINGXUE joins hands with entrepreneurial partners to usher in a new era of development

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With nine years of unremitting efforts and continuous innovation, BINGXUE has grown from a local new tea beverage brand to a well-known national chain brand. Currently, it has more than 3000 stores in 31 provinces and cities across the country. Now, BINGXUE has taken a step towards internationalization, successfully entering the Southeast Asian market and further expanding its influence. At the same time, the overseas consulting volume has surged, demonstrating BINGXUE's potential in overseas markets. BINGXUE will win the love of many overseas consumers with its unique brand image and high-quality and low-priced products, and has become a shining star in the new tea beverage industry.


The rapid development of BINGXUE is remarkable. Over a period of nine years, BINGXUE has established 3000 stores, which is attributed to its commitment to product quality and deep understanding of consumer needs. At the same time, BINGXUE strictly controls every detail of store operations to ensure that every store can provide consumers with consistent high-level services.

BINGXUE understands the importance of close cooperation between brand development and franchisees. Therefore, brands provide franchisees with highly advantageous franchise policies and more entrepreneurial opportunities. BINGXUE always prioritizes the needs of franchisees. In terms of products, BINGXUE has an independent R&D team that can provide continuous new product support to franchisees. In addition, the brand also has an independent and complete supply chain system to ensure product quality and supply stability. BINGXUE also provides comprehensive training services for franchisees, including employee training, management training, etc., to ensure that franchisees can quickly get started. In terms of store operation, BINGXUE provides integrated service support to franchisees, including store location selection, decoration design, opening preparation, and other links, enabling franchisees to carry out business without worry. Simultaneously providing comprehensive marketing planning and operational guidance to help franchisees achieve maximum investment returns.

BINGXUE provides highly competitive investment returns for franchisees with years of industry experience and successful operational models. This year, BINGXUE's franchise stores across the country have frequently sent good news, with daily sales frequently exceeding 10000 during holidays and store celebrations. The successful expansion of the brand and a stable operating model enable franchisees to achieve rapid profitability.


BINGXUE provides franchisees with comprehensive and high-level services based on its nine years of accumulation, experience in 3000 stores, and expansion into overseas markets. The advantage of a brand lies not only in its strong brand strength and extensive store distribution, but also in its strict control over product quality, in-depth understanding of consumer needs, and comprehensive support for franchisees. It is committed to providing consumers with more high-quality, novel and unique new tea drinking experiences, while also bringing more business opportunities and development space for franchisees.