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BINGXUE deeply penetrates overseas markets with excellent quality and brand charm

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Since the establishment of BINGXUE, its expansion speed both domestically and internationally has been remarkable. Nowadays, BINGXUE has expanded to overseas markets in 2023 based on its 3000 stores in China, and has established an overseas branch in Indonesia. In the past few months, BINGXUE has successively established stores in three Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam, and has been warmly welcomed by local consumers, with considerable sales in its stores. Especially in Indonesia, the number of BINGXUE stores has grown rapidly and has now become a well-known new tea beverage brand in the local area.


In October 2023, BINGXUE successfully signed another contract with a Cambodian agency partner, marking another important step for BINGXUE to expand into overseas markets. After the opening of its first store in the Cambodian market, BINGXUE quickly gained popularity in the local area and became a hot topic among local consumers. This year is a year for BINGXUE to vigorously expand its overseas markets, and the brand's successful experience in China has laid a solid foundation for opening up new markets. The reason why Southeast Asia has become BINGXUE's first choice for going abroad is because there are many similarities between the local Chinese and the beverage culture in China. Domestic brands can quickly adapt to the local market and exchange different beverage cultures, providing new inspiration for brand development of new products and flavors. The prosperity of BINGXUE in the Southeast Asian market has further enhanced the brand's influence and added new colors to the brand image.

The advantage of BINGXUE is not only its affordability and affordability, but more importantly, the brand has been adhering to the perspective of consumers for many years, constantly bringing new products with good taste and high quality, and bringing a continuous sense of freshness to consumers. In addition, BINGXUE aims to provide consumers with a comfortable consumption environment and a high-quality service experience with the principle of "caring service". The brand focuses on employee training and management, ensuring that they possess good professional ethics and a enthusiastic service attitude.


BINGXUE has achieved significant success in expanding its overseas market with outstanding product quality, unique brand image, and excellent service experience. It is not an easy task for a brand to go abroad. BINGXUE has gone through a long period of preparation work, including overseas market research, store location selection, food supply chain issues, and overcoming language barriers. Every step of the brand is carefully planned and carefully considered, and ultimately, with excellent results, it has successfully rooted in Southeast Asia, proving the brand's strength with solid sales data.