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BINGXUE's Legendary Journey from Jinan to the Great Wall

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In the new tea beverage industry, BINGXUE has embarked on a unique development path with its keen market perception and innovative spirit. BINGXUE started in Jinan, gradually moved to Shandong, and then expanded nationwide. The brand has signed contracts with over 3000 stores, becoming an indispensable force in the new tea beverage market.

The success of BINGXUE is not accidental. Behind the brand lies a profound insight into market trends and a precise grasp of consumer needs. In the current turbulent new tea beverage industry, BINGXUE has always maintained a keen market perception, constantly innovating and meeting the diverse needs of consumers. Whether it is the innovation of product taste or the adjustment of store layout, BINGXUE has demonstrated strong market adaptability and innovation ability.


From Jinan to Shandong, and then to the whole country, BINGXUE not only lays out its stores in major consumer scenarios such as commercial districts and office buildings, but also continuously expands into new market areas, opening its stores in various scenic spots. The adjustment of this strategic layout not only expands BINGXUE's market share, but also provides consumers with more convenient purchasing channels and a richer consumer experience.

After successfully opening stores in major scenic spots such as Jinan and Tai'an, BINGXUE did not stop moving forward, and the brand turned its attention to a broader market - the Badaling Great Wall. As the backbone of the nation, the Badaling Great Wall attracts nearly 20 million global tourists every year. BINGXUE's choice to open a store here is not only a strong proof of its own brand strength, but also a deep grasp of market trends. The opening of the Badaling Great Wall store has become a new landmark for BINGXUE. The store not only inherits BINGXUE's consistent high-quality products and services, but also combines the unique elements of Great Wall to bring consumers a more unique consumption experience. Here, tourists can enjoy the delicious tea drinks of BINGXUE while admiring the magnificent scenery of the Great Wall and experiencing the long history and splendid culture of the Chinese nation.

The success of BINGXUE is due to the brand's insistence on putting consumers at the center and continuously meeting their diverse needs. Whether it is in the innovation of product flavors or the adjustment of store layout, BINGXUE always maintains attention and respect for consumers. In future development, BINGXUE will continue to maintain its keen market perception and innovative spirit, continuously launch higher quality products and services, and meet the diversified needs of consumers. At the same time, BINGXUE will continue to expand its market scope, opening its stores to a wider geographical area and a more diverse range of consumer scenarios.