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BINGXUE's nine-year milestones have achieved brand glory and provided consumers with comprehensive services

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As of 2023, BINGXUE has a history of nine years of development and has occupied a significant share in the competitive new tea beverage market.During these nine years, BINGXUE has closely followed the development of the new tea beverage market, bringing consumers many affordable and delicious drinks and winning the favor of many consumers.BINGXUE always insists on providing consumers with quality services, focusing on product quality and customer experience, from raw material procurement to store service to marketing promotion, reflecting the high level and professionalism of the brand.


Raw materials from all over the world ensure high-quality products at the source

BINGXUE's R&D team travels around the world to search for high-quality ingredients with good taste. The brand directly cooperates with the origin country to strictly control the quality of the ingredients, ensuring that every cup of drink can provide consumers with a high-quality and pure taste.This strict selection of raw materials and the persistent pursuit of product quality make BINGXUE stand out in the fierce market competition.

Independent and complete supply chain system, to ensure product development

BINGXUE has an independent and complete supply chain system, which strictly controls every link from raw material procurement to product development to store supply, enabling BINGXUE to respond quickly to market changes and ensure the continuous supply of raw materials and stable product quality.At the same time, BINGXUE has also improved the speed of product launches and store supply through continuous improvement of the supply chain system, producing high-quality products more efficiently.

High service level, customer experience first

BINGXUE focuses on customer experience, from the layout of the store environment to the training of service personnel, all reflect the brand's attention to detail.The professionally trained service personnel are enthusiastic and patient in answering customers' questions and providing them with the best consumption advice.This quality service experience greatly enhances customers' positive perception of BINGXUE.


Comprehensive marketing to enhance brand influence

BINGXUE also excels in marketing.The brand conducts comprehensive marketing activities on multiple platforms to fully enhance its brand awareness.BINGXUE has its own official accounts on various social media platforms, and interacts with consumers by posting brand updates, new product information, and user reviews. At the same time, it uses online media platforms to collect a large amount of user feedback, providing a strong basis for product improvement.BINGXUE also creates a unique brand IP image, BOBO Bear, which deepens consumers' impression of the brand and becomes a unique symbol of the brand.

BINGXUE has established itself as a unique brand in the new tea market with its unique advantages, successfully enhancing its brand awareness and influence.The brand has adhered to its original aspirations for nine years, constantly breaking through itself and following the development of the new tea market, gaining the support of many consumers.In the future, BINGXUE will live up to expectations and bring consumers more delicious products and quality service experiences.