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BINGXUE entered the overseas market, fully demonstrating its brand charm

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With the continuous upgrading of the global market's demand for new tea drinks, BINGXUE has achieved remarkable results in overseas markets recently.Since entering the Indonesian market at the beginning of this year, BINGXUE has won the love and support of consumers through in-depth understanding of local market demand and cultural background, with its forward-looking flexible market strategy, the spirit of dare to struggle and innovation, and high-quality product quality.  It has quickly expanded its global market territory in a short period of time, and has opened multiple stores in Vietnam, Malaysia and other places.


The success of BINGXUE in overseas markets is not accidental.In the early days of brand establishment, BINGXUE took "global sourcing from the origin" as the core concept of product development, always adhering to the research and development direction of "good taste, good condiments, and high appearance value", and adhering to the product pricing strategy of high quality and low price.With strict control over product quality and deep understanding of consumer needs, BINGXUE has achieved outstanding results in the domestic market.Nowadays, this advantage has been further utilized in the international market.

In overseas markets, BINGXUE makes targeted adjustments to product structure and taste based on local consumer spending habits and taste preferences.Taking the Indonesian market as an example, BINGXUE conducted research and development and made adjustments to the product specifically for Indonesian consumers' tastes after fully investigating the local market demand.  It also uses locally sourced fresh fruit ingredients to ensure the best taste.

At the same time, BINGXUE has redesigned the store decoration based on the actual situation of different markets, creating a consumption environment that better meets the aesthetic and needs of local consumers.In addition, BINGXUE adopts flexible market management strategies to quickly respond to market changes and consumer needs.This comprehensive market strategy adjustment and innovative spirit have enabled BINGXUE to quickly gain a foothold in overseas markets.


For new tea brands, expanding overseas markets is both an opportunity and a challenge.Among the many brands that have gone global, BINGXUE has a well-established product development and raw material supply capability, which is a key competitiveness for its success in overseas markets.At the same time, relying on the foundation of 3,000 domestic stores, BINGXUE has rich market experience and operational capabilities, which enables BINGXUE to quickly adapt and integrate into the local market environment during the expansion process in overseas markets, providing consumers with the best quality products and services.  This is also a key factor for the brand to successfully establish itself in overseas markets.

In addition to the successful expansion in the Indonesian market, BINGXUE has also achieved remarkable results in other overseas markets such as Vietnam and Malaysia.Joining customers are satisfied with the company's service capabilities, product taste, and store business.BINGXUE has opened up overseas markets with its strength and achieved excellent results in just half a year, successfully attracting the attention of many overseas customers and consumers.  In the future, BINGXUE will continue to expand its overseas business territory, enhance market competitiveness, and write a new chapter for the brand.