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BINGXUE landed in Indonesia, opening a Xintiandi of overseas market

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Since BINGXUE entered the Indonesian market in early 2023 and successfully signed up Indonesian customers, in the next few months, BINGXUE will fully penetrate the Southeast Asian market and gradually settle in Malaysia, Vietnam and other places.  The number of stores has exceeded 100, and the globalization map has been upgraded again.BINGXUE is confident in expanding overseas and will bring more delicious new tea drinks to overseas consumers.


In Southeast Asian stores, BINGXUE has attracted many consumers with its unique business characteristics and innovative products.BINGXUE focuses on combining local consumers' tastes and cultural characteristics, and by integrating different regions' beverage cultures, it launches new tea products that meet local market characteristics, continuously enriches its product line, and promotes product diversification.  This differentiated product strategy helps the brand better adapt to the local market, making BINGXUE's products more competitive, bringing consumers a new consumption experience, and meeting consumers' diverse needs.In addition, BINGXUE actively establishes partnerships with local enterprises to ensure product quality and supply stability.  This cooperation model helps BINGXUE establish stable sales channels in overseas markets and enhance its market competitiveness.


In less than a year, BINGXUE has opened more than 100 stores in Southeast Asia, which is a gratifying figure and demonstrates BINGXUE's strong influence and competitiveness in overseas markets.These stores not only bring unique flavors of new tea drinks to local consumers, but also let them feel the concept of fashion and vitality of the new tea drinks industry represented by BINGXUE brand, and also spread the unique new tea drinks culture of China.  The brand will continue to keep its original intention and bring consumers with quality and cheap drinks experience.

As a brand with a global vision, BINGXUE's layout in overseas markets is still constantly upgrading.  Through continuous innovation and improvement of overseas market strategies, BINGXUE will continue to lead the development trend of the new tea industry and bring more delicious choices to consumers around the world.BINGXUE will continue to invest in research and development, constantly innovate products, to meet the diverse needs of consumers in different countries and regions.At the same time, BINGXUE will further strengthen brand marketing and channel expansion, and constantly enhance brand awareness and influence.I believe that in the future, BINGXUE will achieve more brilliant achievements in the global market.