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Bingxue had a breakthrough opening more than 100 Stores Overseas, Many New Fans came to the store to purchase.

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Bingxue is a popular brand with over 3,000 stores in China and has entered the Indonesian market earlier this year, starting the brand's global journey. Following the successful opening of stores in Indonesia, Bingxue has entered the Vietnamese and Malaysian markets one by one, and has been warmly welcomed by consumers in the local market, with crowded stores and considerable sales. In just a few months, the number of overseas stores has exceeded one hundred, and the overseas market is expanding rapidly.

Bingxue has conducted market research and analysis before entering overseas markets. The team conducted in-depth research in Indonesia and even the entire Southeast Asian market to understand the needs and preferences of local consumers, and analyzed the competition patterns and consumption trends in the local market. This precise market research and analysis provided strong support for Bingxue to develop the right marketing strategy and product positioning.

Bingxue has unique brand positioning and product characteristics, which are key to attracting consumers. Focusing on the quality and creativity of its products, Bingxue has introduced many new products that meet the tastes and needs of local consumers, such as ice cream and fresh fruit tea. These unique products and brand images have created a good product reputation and brand image in local consumers, increasing their trust and love for Bingxue.

With its efficient organization and management capabilities, Bingxue is able to respond quickly to changes in the market and meet the diverse needs of consumers. In overseas markets, Bingxue attaches great importance to feedback from local consumers on its products, and timely adjusts its product positioning and marketing strategies. At the same time, Bingxue also focuses on training and upgrading the skills of local employees and managers to enhance their professionalism and management capabilities. All this is to ensure the rapid expansion and steady development of Bingxue in overseas markets.

In the future, with the continuous expansion of the global market and the ever-changing needs of consumers, Bingxue needs to continue to maintain its innovation ability and keen market insight. While expanding its overseas market, Bingxue will strengthen the establishment and maintenance of brand image and enhance consumers' loyalty and recognition of the brand. Meanwhile, Bingxue also needs to pay attention to the development trend of the industry, actively expand into emerging markets and expand its business areas, so as to achieve the continuous development of the brand and the deepening of the global travel process.