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Bingxue had a breakthrough opening more than 100 Stores Overseas , leaving footprints in South East Asia.

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With 3,000 stores in China, Bingxue is a new tea beverage brand that is very popular with consumers. At the beginning of 2023, Bingxue successfully placed in the Indonesian market, which opened the beginning of overseas expansion, and then followed by the opening of Vietnam and Malaysia, which showed the brand's courage and determination in organizing the global market. Nowadays, the number of Bingxue's overseas stores has exceeded one hundred, and the rapid expansion of the overseas market has opened up a new path for the brand's development. The fact that Bingxue has been able to quickly integrate into the local market and has been warmly welcomed by consumers not only fully proves the brand's strong strength, but also affirms Bingxue persistence and efforts all along. In just a few months, the sales of Bingxue overseas stores have been rising, making everyone look forward to the brand's future development.

Bingxue's success stems from its consistent product concept and unique business model. The brand is committed to providing high-quality and tasty drinks as the standard, and constantly innovates its products to meet the needs of consumers. At the same time, Bingxue focuses on integration with local beverage culture to localize the brand to better adapt to the market. The successful entry into overseas markets not only provides Bingxue with broader development space, but also provides new beverage choices for overseas consumers. With high-quality products, unique and innovative flavors and excellent service, Bingxue will provide a higher quality drinking experience for Southeast Asian consumers.

Looking to the future, Bingxue will continue to adhere to its brand concept, promote brand development with a broader vision, serve consumers with more sophisticated operations, and develop the market with more innovative thinking, so that more consumers can enjoy delicious drinks with high quality and low price. Meanwhile, Bingxue will continue to research and develop new products and improve service quality to meet the changing market demand.

Bingxue global journey has just begun, and there are still broader markets to explore in the future. With its strong brand strength, unique product concept and business model, and a relentless spirit of innovation, Bingxue has created remarkable achievements in the overseas market, sharing China's new style of tea drinks, with overseas consumers, and make everyone able to experience the Chinese brand. In this era of global travel, Bingxue's overseas expansion is not only a business adventure, but also a cultural exchange. We look forward to seeing Bingxue continue to record a brilliant chapter in overseas markets.