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BINXI TIME makes innovations while exploring, and rapidly launches a new phase

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Based on the fresh and delicious taste, fashionable and diversified advantages, new tea-based drinks have become a major feature of the beverage industry. Many new tea-based drink brands have also been supported by consumers and received the dividends of the industry in the past few years. As a young brand in the new tea-based drink industry, BINXI TIME has grown from a single store to a full-fledged chain business of new tea-based drinks in 8 years. It has led its employees and franchisees on a unique and successful path by making innovations and explorations simultaneously. In recent years, BINXI TIME has grown rapidly and successfully moved to a new stage. To provide consumers with better fresh fruit tea, BINXI TIME has stepped up its efforts to build a more perfect space for production and formulation, and produce new products with professionalism.

BINXI TIME has established a number of warehousing centers to ensure the transportation of fresh fruits to its 3,000 stores nationwide. The establishment of warehousing centers in the Northeast and Northwest of China marks BINXI TIME's victory in overcoming the problems of delivery distances in remote areas. BINXI TIME has succeeded in unifying the distribution of raw materials of the same quality and quantity to all stores nationwide, speeding up the delivery rate and securing the delivery capacity. Because of this, customers from all over the country and even overseas can taste the freshest ingredients and the most natural flavors at the first time.

With the improvement of consumers' living standards and quality of life, people are not only concerned about the taste of drinks, but also pay more attention to the diversity of experience. The mouthfeel of condiments and drinks are equally important to customers who love milk tea. If the flavor of the drink itself is used to attract customers, condiments can add the icing on the cake, and the addition of condiments can make the taste of the drink more diversified. BINXI TIME keeps on enriching the variety of condiments in order to provide a variety of flavors and a stronger sensory experience to the consumers. Through the fusion of condiments and beverages, BINXI TIME adds an interesting soul to its products. Customers can add different condiments based on their preferences after visiting the store, which also allows them to feel the fun of DIY drinks.

Nowadays, the offline stores of new tea-based drinks are not only the windows for selling drinks, but also an important place for consumers to gather and socialize. The taste of the drinks and the consumer environment are the key criteria for consumers to choose brands and stores. The introduction of new tea-based drinks has attracted many social groups and gathered many consumers who enjoy their time and delicious food. The new tea-based drink stores have become an ideal venue for customers to chat and relax. Such fun and social attributes are conducive to solidifying the brand's strength and increasing its exposure. BINXI TIME has been continuously upgrading its store decorations and facilities in order to provide consumers with better services and experiences in its stores. BINXI TIME stores not only serve drinks, but also have claw machines and other amusement devices that allow customers to have fun while waiting for their drinks. In addition, BINXI TIME has introduced a series of peripheral products to meet the diverse needs of consumers, such as delicious French fries, sugar-free sparkling water, as well as Bo Bo Bear dolls and canvas bags. It is a big step forward for BINXI TIME to realize diversified and multi-consumption scenarios.

As a popular young brand in the beverage industry, the new tea-based drinks have become a bright spot in the industry by continuously upgrading the quality and experience for consumers. Looking ahead, there is still a lot of room for the development of new tea-based drinks, such as the development of overseas markets and the integration of different beverage cultures. As a new tea-based drink brand, BINXI TIME is fully aware that the brand is backed by the trust and support of many consumers. What we need to do is to keep improving and upgrading, and create more tasty products for consumers with the industry experience and professionalism we have accumulated over the past 8 years. At the same time, we will go on seeking and making innovations for better growth.