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BINGXUE expands its global territory and inherits the new tea cultur

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At the beginning of 2023, BINGXUE successfully entered the Indonesian market, marking the beginning of its global expansion.After just a few months of development, BINGXUE has taken root in Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and Malaysia, and has won warm welcomes from local consumers with its high-quality products and services.Today, BINGXUE has surpassed 100 overseas stores, demonstrating the brand's strong market expansion capabilities and international competitiveness.

Go abroad and open up overseas markets

As a new tea brand that understands consumer psychology, BINGXUE has achieved significant success in the domestic market.On this basis, the brand is actively preparing to expand into overseas markets, allowing more consumers to understand China's new tea culture through BINGXUE's quality products.

After entering the Indonesian market, BINGXUE quickly opened stores in Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries.These stores not only provide the original new tea drinks products in China, but also introduce new products that meet local characteristics, combining local consumers' tastes and cultural characteristics, bringing consumers a new consumption experience.


Absorb local tea culture and promote diversified development

In the process of exploring overseas markets, BINGXUE not only brings the new tea culture of China to Southeast Asia, but also actively absorbs local tea culture to provide novel inspiration for product development.By integrating tea culture from different countries and regions, BINGXUE continues to enrich its product line and promotes the diversification of product types.

In addition, BINGXUE also focuses on cooperation and communication with local enterprises.By establishing partnerships with local suppliers, the brand not only ensures product quality and stability of raw material supply, but also contributes to local economic development.This mutually beneficial and win-win model is conducive to promoting the diverse development of new tea culture.

Continuous innovation, leading the global new tea market

BINGXUE always adheres to the concept of innovation, and is guided by market demand to continuously optimize products and services.In overseas markets, the brand also focuses on in-depth understanding of local consumer needs, and tailors new tea drinks that meet local characteristics based on cultural differences in different countries and regions.


In order to meet the Southeast Asian consumers' pursuit of high-quality lifestyle, BINGXUE has specially launched a product line featuring natural ingredients and authentic tea base.These products have been carefully developed and rigorously tested, and are deeply loved by local consumers.BINGXUE also pays attention to the preferences of local young people, attracting more young consumers' attention through social media platforms and actively interacting with them.

BINGXUE has actively explored overseas markets with its successful experience in the domestic market, spreading the new tea culture to Southeast Asia.By integrating local tea culture, continuous innovation and strengthening brand image, BINGXUE has established a good reputation and image in the Southeast Asian market.In the future, BINGXUE will continue to uphold the development concept of continuous product innovation and meeting consumer needs, expand the global market landscape, and bring more high-quality new tea experiences to consumers around the world.