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New tea-based drinks spreading out to Southeast Asia, BINXI TIME signed a contract with an Indonesian client for the first time

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In April 2022, BINXI TIME developed the market in South China, triggering a wave of excitement on the streets of Guangzhou, where BINXI TIME's affordable and tasty fresh fruit teas were well received by numerous consumers. This year, BINXI TIME will continue to "go south", aiming at the overseas market, to open up new horizons for the brand. At the beginning of this year, BINXI TIME successfully signed a contract with an Indonesian client, marking a starting point for the brand's expansion into overseas markets.

Favourable climatic, geographical and human conditions

The hot climate of Southeast Asia, located in the tropics, has made cold drinks highly popular in Southeast Asia. The unique climate is one of the favorable conditions for BINXI TIME to expand its presence in the Southeast Asian market. As a result, the Southeast Asian market has become the first choice for many new tea-based drink brands to go overseas. Secondly, Southeast Asia boasts an abundance of tropical fruits and raw materials, which is conducive for brands to broaden their chains of raw materials and utilize local resources to develop new products. BINXI TIME can also combine its products with local characteristics, and produce new and different tea-based drinks by integrating the different flavors of tea-based drinks from China and abroad. Thirdly, residents of most countries in Southeast Asia are accustomed to drinking tea, with the majority being local Chinese. For this reason, Southeast Asia is deeply influenced by China's tea-drinking culture. For example, black tea, green tea, pu-erh and other teas are not only popular in China, but also in Southeast Asia. Thus, China's new tea-based drinks will soon be integrated with local residents with tea-drinking habits when they are introduced into Southeast Asia.

BINXI TIME makes a profit in Southeast Asia with its strength

In recent years, BINXI TIME has attracted the attention of many members of the society, with more and more franchisees and more than 3,000 stores all over the country. BINXI TIME has gradually spread to the whole country from the local brand in Shandong Province, and has gained a great success by virtue of its strength in the new tea-based drink industry. The success of BINXI TIME in signing a contract with an Indonesian client relies on its brand strength. BINXI TIME remains committed to the product line of affordable, tasty and freshly made products, improving store infrastructure, staffing and supply chains, and making every effort to build new-style stores that fit the Southeast Asian culture.

The overseas market is also fraught with challenges. As more and more companies develop their businesses overseas, the competition will also become more and more intense. In addition to taking the first step to occupy a favorable position in the market, the brand also needs to thoroughly know how the Southeast Asian market works, investigate the local tea-drinking culture, improve the supply chain system, and resolve the problems of food transportation. The brand has to build up brand recognition and trust among local consumers in order to win the recognition of foreign consumers. The success of this Indonesia store will have a significant impact on BINXI TIME's strategy to go overseas. We hope that this mission will live up to our expectations.