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BINGXUE's global expansion is accelerating, adding a new chapter to the Southeast Asian market

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With the steady development of the domestic market, BINGXUE has launched a new overseas market expansion strategy in 2023. After successfully establishing an overseas branch in Indonesia, the brand has successively established stores in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam in the past few months, and has been warmly welcomed by local consumers. In October 2023, BINGXUE successfully signed a contract with Cambodia, and in December of the same year, BINGXUE's Indonesian branch officially opened, adding another highlight to its global layout.

BINGXUE is committed to providing consumers with a beverage experience that has a good taste, abundant ingredients, and high aesthetic value. Its unique Bobobear IP image fills the brand with vitality and fun, winning the love of many young consumers. Looking back at BINGXUE's domestic market history, starting from provinces such as Shandong, Hebei, and Henan, gradually covering 31 provinces and cities including Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Hubei, Hainan, and Xinjiang, the number of signed stores has exceeded 3000. Behind this achievement is BINGXUE's commitment to quality and precise grasp of the market.


Entering the overseas market is both a challenge and an opportunity for BINGXUE. As the first stop for BINGXUE's overseas expansion, the Southeast Asian market has unique geographical and cultural advantages. The hot climate and strong beverage culture in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam have quickly gained market recognition for BINGXUE's products.

The success of BINGXUE in the Southeast Asian market is not only due to the quality assurance of the product itself, but also through in-depth research on the taste preferences of local consumers, launching multiple unique tea drinks and ice cream that are suitable for the local market. At the same time, BINGXUE also emphasizes the integration with local culture, integrating local characteristic elements into store design, marketing activities, etc., making the brand more down-to-earth and widely welcomed by consumers. On this basis, BINGXUE successfully signed a contract with Cambodia in October 2023, undoubtedly injecting new vitality into the brand's overseas expansion strategy. As an important country in Southeast Asia, Cambodia's unique geographical location and abundant tourism resources provide enormous market potential for BINGXUE. BINGXUE will open multiple stores in Cambodia and combine local culture and consumption habits to launch more distinctive products.

The development speed of BINGXUE in overseas markets is remarkable. From the establishment of the brand in Southeast Asia, to the establishment of stores in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam, to the successful signing of contracts with Cambodia and the establishment of a branch in Jakarta, Indonesia, BINGXUE completed its layout in five Southeast Asian countries in just a few months. This achievement not only reflects BINGXUE's keen insight into the market and strong execution ability, but also highlights its leading position as a domestic ice cream and tea beverage chain brand.

The success of BINGXUE has earned a reputation for China's new tea beverage industry in the international market. I believe that in the near future, BINGXUE will continue to win the love and recognition of more domestic and foreign consumers with its excellent quality and unique charm.